GIS Wholesale invests heavily in promoting the Brands that are added in our catalogs. From printing in house fliers, to seasonal catalogs to making various promotional materials for both our retail customers and dealers.

We believe that our supplier’s success hinges on their products discoverability. Our SEO experts craft original, compelling, and compliant content that inspires shoppers to purchase and improves your SERP position.
Our strategy starts with product and search term research, then we optimize your product titles, bullets, product descriptions, and back-end fields to improve product placement in our site. Our marketing strategy and enhanced content target audience marketing can increase sales by up to 75%.

Our SEO aficionados excel at building Brand marketing, google ads, SEO, creating an intuitive navigation structure and beautifully designed pages to create a positive customer experience.
We also track data insights, such as number of visitors, views, top performing pages, and attributed sales on our site. We strategically use Brand Stores in coordination with other marketing efforts, and other proprietary tools that can only increase your Brand’s market exposure.

Moreover, our mission is to form mutually beneficial partnerships with small and diverse businesses which allow us to deliver superior and innovative products and services.

There are many ways to qualify as a U.S. small or diverse business within our Supplier Diversity program:

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or have U.S. Resident Alien status
  • Small Business (Manufacturing/Product Companies) Under 500 employees
  • Small Business (Services Companies) Between $7M and $25M in annual revenues
  • Minority-owned Business