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    • FLIR TG165-X: helps you visualize the hot and cold spots that can indicate electrical faults, mechanical break-downs, or air and water leaks.
    • PINPOINT THE SOURCE OF SYSTEM FAILURES: Speed inspections with a thermal view that tells you instantly whether a target is overheating and provides measurements up to 300°C (572°F).
    • COMPLETE INSPECTIONS QUICKLY AND EASILY: Target the area that you’re measuring using the bullseye laser pointer and capture thermal MSX and visual images with a simple trigger-pull.
    • WORK WITH CONFIDENCE: Easily view live images on 2.4-in. display and see into dark or hard-to-reach areas with the bright LED worklight.
    • LASER POINTER: Indicating the size of the measurement area.
    • SPEED UP TROUBLESHOOTING: The infrared thermography is a powerful, non-invasive safely way to let you see heat patterns, reliably measure temperature, and store images for instant troubleshooting.
    • HIGH-RESOLUTION&PIXEL: The camera comes with high resolution image quality, crisp 35,200 (220 x 160) pixel infrared resolution, a 2.4-inch display screen and a 0.7°C thermal sensitivity. The measurement accuracy is ±2°C or 2%.
    • COLOUR PALETTE: This real-time thermal image camera provides 5 different colour palettes: rainbow, iron oxide red, cold colour, white heat and black heat, for a better, more detailed display of the target.
    • USER FRIENDLY DESIGN: This infrared Camera’s menu uses intuitive icons, making it easy to operate. No special training required. Pocket portable to fit a crowded tool bag. Transfer those images and data to your computer via Micro SD Card to create detailed reports.
    • MULTIFUNCTIONAL APPLICATION: For almost every maintenance application within an industrial-commercial facility, including electrical, HVAC/R, mechanical, and Facility maintenance, Predictive Maintenance electrical/mechanical issues building diagnostic issues, whether it’s at an apartment, office complex, or manufacturing plant.