3 Ton Ratchet Puller With 35′ Of 5/16″ Amsteel Blue




The “More Power Puller” has been manufactured by The Wyeth-Scott Company since 1934. It has been the safest and most durable cable puller ever made. This heavy-duty industrial portable ratchet puller/hoist is not the type of light-weight puller found at most home centers or discount stores – it has been designed and proven to perform in a variety of demanding environments without bending, breaking or collapsing. Couple that with Samson Rope’s Amsteel Blue and you have power, strength and safety. Amsteel Blue is an amazing synthetic rope that is stronger than cable, but so light that it floats. This is not your typical poly rope – it is constructed of a 12-strand, single-braid, 100% Dyneema SK-75 fiber with Samthane coating. The average strength of 5/16″ Amsteel Blue is 13,700 lbs.! In use on this Ratchet puller it is resistant to permanent smashing yet whiplash-free. (does not store energy, cannot whiplash if broken). On top of all that it is easy on your hands – it has no wire wickers. If you are in the market for a new ratchet puller that is lighter than conventional cable pullers and safer look no further. Double line pulling capacity is 6,000 pounds dead lift and 12,000 drag/pull. Single rope capacity is 3,000 lbs dead lift and 6,000 drag/pull.Replacement handle is also available – WS P73EXT.