Defrosting Tray for Frozen Food Steak – Quick Defrost Plate-Heat Conductive Metal Pad for Instant Steak Vegetables Thawing-Non-slip Corners Grill Mat Tong and Silicone Sponge Included-Smart 9Pcs Set



  • ✔️Smart Kitchen Set: Save effort and time in the kitchen, while keeping your food risk-free, with our smart set of utensils designed to make your job convenient and mess-free; You will get a black aluminum defrosting plate(11.6×8″) with a dipping tray (13.2×9.3×1.4″), 4 pcs silicone non-slip corners, black PTFE and fiberglass grill mat(15.7×12.9), stainless steel silver tong (9.44″) and silicone sponge (3.93″ diameter); The ultimate must-have essential anyone should have!
  • ✔️Defrost In a Matter of Minutes: Meet your new handy defrosting plate with a dipping tray perfect for thawing food 10 times faster than at room temperature; Place the frozen raw meat on it and let its magical properties do its work; No electricity, chemicals, microwave, or heating are required for a fast last-minute steak meal!
  • ✔️Keep your Countertops Clean: Made of top aluminum our defrosting tray is provided with a practical dipping tray to prevent food juices from spilling onto your kitchen worktop after a fast defrost; The large and flat-surfaced area allows the thawing of various frozen items together;
  • ✔️Superior Quality Kitchen Tools: We proudly choose to focus on top quality materials in order to make the best and fast dethaw tray with practical kitchen tools for our customers, without compromising the standard of our products and assuring their durability over the years; From aluminum, a good conductive material of heat that transfers warmth uniformly across the tray surface, and also durable, to silicone, and stainless steel, our set guarantees long uses and exquisite results;
  • ✔️Add-ones for Every Kitchen: When investing in quality tools that bring joy to cooking, stay true to practical and durable utensils for your kitchen! The extra versatile items included in our set, such as 4 pcs silicone non-slip corners, black PTFE and fiberglass grill mat, stainless steel silver tong and silicone sponge, add value to our set as well as for any kitchen;


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