Magswitch MagSquare 600 Magnetic Welding Square Base Clamp Holder for Welding Kit, Tools, Supplies and Accessories, Magnet Switch with On/Off Capabilities, 600 lb Holding Force

  • Magswitch 50mm MagSquare Hold just about anything, just about anywhere
  • This product is easy to use easy to install and highly durable
  • Magswitch MagSquares exert a powerful magnetic field with a simple 180- degree rotation of the knob
  • Versatile Workholding Square. Incredibly strong fast set ups, precise positioning. Make your own fixtures.
  • Mounts anywhere with no limitations like clamps – use as a guide, stop or to secure steel
  • Magnetic grip on 5 sides. Holds flat and round steel.
  • Machined at 90° and features pre-tapped holes on all sides for mounting tools, jigs and fixtures.
  • Level sheets, destack capability


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  1. Christian E.

    These magnets are great items to have in a workshop.

  2. Martin Luscombe

    Great for light duty improvised fixturing

  3. offuscate

    Amazing product and production

  4. alia

    amazing product…

  5. sunny

    great item…

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