MasonryDefender 2.5 Gallon Penetrating Concrete Sealer for Driveways, Patios, Sidewalks – Clear Water-Based Silane Siloxane Sealer Water Repellent

  • CLEAR PROTECTION – Provides a long-lasting, non-glossy invisible coat to concrete surfaces. Will never leave any residue or alter the color or appearance of your concrete driveway, sidewalk, or patio. Masonry waterproofer that will last for up to 5 years
  • WATER REPELLENT – Water-based eco-friendly silane/siloxane rain guard penetrating concrete sealer that bonds with the minerals in concrete and masonry to provide with you long-lasting water protection. The breathable sealer causes the water to bead instead of seeping into the concrete
  • POWERFUL CONCRETE SEALER – Keep your driveway looking new and protect it or other concrete surfaces from pitting or cracking. Best suited to protect against ice melt salts or chloride ions, freeze thaw damage, efflorescence stains, while also resisting mildew and fungus build up
  • EASY TO APPLY – First step is to ensure your concrete surface is fully cleaned and clear of dirt, dust, grease, oil, efflorescence, etc. Use a low-pressure pump-up garden sprayer to evenly coat your driveway. Avoid puddling or ponding. 1 gallon will give 90-150 sq.ft. of coverage
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY – MasonryDefender offers a 3 Year Limited Warranty on Horizontal Concrete Surfaces


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Size Name:2.5 Gallon

1 Gallon MasonryDefender Concrete Driveway Sealer

Our 1 gallon of Concrete Driveway Sealer can cover a range from 90-150 sq. ft. per gallon depending on surface porosity.

Before applying to your concrete, please make sure that the surface is completely clean and allowed to dry for at least 6 hours.

We recommend cleaning with our MasonryDefender All Purpose Masonry & Concrete Cleaner to remove all dirt, grease, oils, efflorescence, wax, curing compounds, coatings or other foreign matter that might block or interfere with product penetration.