pHin Smart Water Care Monitor for Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas – 24/7 Continuous Water Testing + Know When to Add Chemicals with Automatic App Notifications


  • AUTOMATIC NOTIFICATIONS: The pHin app automatically alerts you when you need to adjust your chemicals and lets you know exactly how much of which chemicals to use. Works with both Android and iOS.
  • TAKES GUESSWORK OUT OF ADDING CHEMICALS: Scan any supported chemical’s barcode and the pHin app will calculate how much to add to your water. Supports most major chemical brands.
  • POOL AND HOT TUB CARE SIMPLIFIED: Instead of showing you continuously changing raw readings, pHin’s built-in intelligence samples your water chemistry more than 1000 times per week and creates customized recommendations based on your pool or hot tub’s unique measurements.
  • SUPPORTS ALL WATER TYPES: Works with chlorine, bromine and salt water based pools, hot tubs and swim spas.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Your pHin Smart Water Care Monitor has a lifetime warranty. If it ever fails while you are a paying subscriber, we will send you a new monitor free of charge.


pHin Treats Balancing Water Chemistry Differently Than You May Be Used To

Traditionally, water chemistry is measured about 1 time per week. This certainly helps to monitor the health of your water, but we, at pHin, have developed a smarter approach. pHin measures your vessels’ pH, sanitizer level and temperature over 1000 times per week.

There are many environmental factors that can temporarily affect water chemistry like: usage, weather, water temperature, sunlight exposure, etc.

pHin’s built-in intelligence creates customized recommendations based on your pool or hot tub’s unique averages. This means that pHin’s recommendations may be different from a single water sample, but we find when customers follow our recommendations their pools are more likely to stay balanced.

Includes 1-Year Monitoring Service

When you buy your pHin monitor, you’ll get your first year of the pHin Monitoring Service for free*.

The Monitoring Service includes:

  • Water history charts
  • Easy, accurate chemical dosing directions
  • Alerts for when attention is needed
  • Tests for total alkalinity, total hardness, and cyanuric acid monthly or as needed
  • Shareable water data for in-person help or to order new chemicals at your favorite pool store
  • Unlimited pHin monitor replacement

*Monitoring Subscription is 99 dollars/year after the first year, and includes a 1 year product replacement extension with each renewal