Rhino Fence Pro Contractor Bundle with GPD-40 Post Driver, 2 Adapter Packs, Grease Pack, Service Kit – combo pack

  • Includes 5 items: GPD-40 Fence Pro Post Driver, 2″ Adapters (Pack of 2), 1-3/4″ Adapters (Pack of 2), Grease (Pack of 4), and 50-Hour Service Kit
  • Legendary reliability: Honda GX35 4-stroke industrial engine. This tool has passed the stringent Honda US Certification process.
  • Stay Productive – For people who make their living with their tools.
  • Drive wide range of posts. Grease and service kit to keep you going strong.
  • Made in USA

$2,300.00 $2,450.00

SKU GPD40-cpack






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