Our Company

At GIS WHOLESALE, we are committed to providing our customers with the most versatile and high-quality hand tools on the market. We offer a wide range of premium hand tool brands too meet even the most rigorous construction and repair needs. From HVAC tool suppliers to leading manufacturers like Snap-On, we’ve got you covered!

As a leading distributor of industrial, and safety products, we serve a wide variety of customers. Our solutions are relied upon by manufacturers, warehouses, metalworking facilities, B2B wholesale, everyday customers, and many more. Our extensive inventory also allows us to cater to industries such as powersports and hardware retailers.

We are dedicated to maintaining our position as a trusted and reliable source for all of our customers’ industrial and safety needs. With our comprehensive selection of high-quality hand tools and supplies, we are confident that we can help you find the right products to meet your specific requirements.

Why do customers choose GIS Wholesale?

At GIS Wholesale, our customers choose us for a number of reasons. We take pride in our exceptional customer service and quick shipping, which has helped us build a loyal and satisfied customer base. Our product offerings include tools and auto parts from renowned and trusted brands, as well as a wide range of equipment for linemen and iron workers. Additionally, we offer specialty tools designed for HVAC, sheet metal, tubing, telecommunications, and a variety of multi-purpose applications.

At GIS Wholesale, we carry series of tools that are specifically designed to meet the needs of professional tradespeople in the concrete, asphalt, drywall, and flooring industries. Our line of hand tools includes precision-made trowels, runners, and everything else needed for placing and finishing concrete to the highest standards.

To learn more about our extensive line of hand tools, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

Our Vision

At our company, we take pride in our ability to promote and sell only the highest quality brands to our customers. Our team of professionals, including IT, brand equity, warehouse, store front, and procurement specialists, work together to ensure that we provide exceptional service to dealers, retailers, and brand partners. Through our extensive distribution network, we are able to bring in additional sales and profits for both our customers and our manufacturing partners.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be more than just a distributor or retailer; we strive to be a company that values both our suppliers and customers equally. We have many innovative strategies that benefit the brands we represent. This commitment to exceptional customer service is what sets us apart.

Our Core Values

Our core values include building trust with our customers and partners, showing determination to achieve our goals, adapting to change, building strong teams, and leading by example. Build Trust Determination Adapt to change Build Teams Exemplify