Our Values and Commitments

Our Guiding Principles

At GIS Wholesale, we are committed to making a positive impact on our industry, communities, and the world. Our guiding principles are based on a set of values that we believe in and adhere to. We strive to conduct ourselves with integrity, always behaving with the highest sense of ethical conduct. Our teams work hard to demonstrate our commitment to the industry we serve, and we always act honestly and serve the needs of our customers.

We believe in building deep, transformational partnerships based on trust and respect. Through these partnerships, we work towards creating solutions that benefit all parties involved, leading to a prosperous and thriving industry. We aim to make a difference every day, both in our communities and in the world. Our teams bring their unique skills and perspectives to work, and we inspire each other to be the change we want to see.

Deliver Greatness

At GIS Wholesale, we take our employees, brand partners, and Suppliers seriously. We strive to deliver greatness by maximizing our resources and working hard, smart, and effectively. We set our goals high and celebrate success. Our customers are always our top priority, and we consider them in every decision and action. We continuously strive to find ways to serve them better and make them happy.

Sustainability Anchors

As a responsible company, we believe in partnering strategically with manufacturers, retailers, and advocacy organizations to advance the prosperity of the automotive and Hardware Tools industry. We also prioritize minimizing our environmental impact and requiring ethical labor practices to ensure the health of the planet and all people. We are committed to adding unique and quality brands and innovative products that inspire auto enthusiasts and enable retailers to differentiate themselves.

At GIS Wholesale, we believe in giving back to our communities. We contribute a portion of our sales and profits and volunteer our time to help build healthy, sustainable communities. We also strive to create a great place to work, cultivating a work environment that respects people, promotes innovation, provides purpose, and creates engagement in making a positive difference in the world.


Lastly, we support regional and statewide organizations that promote the automotive and tools market. It often takes a blend of local, grassroots knowledge and government support to get initiatives off the ground. We work extensively with our sales reps and retailers to help them serve the community better. We also support international organizations that promote the tools and parts market worldwide along with sustainable education and awareness programs. Our strong presence in the US market helps us expand some of our brands and partner Brands to grow not just nationally, but worldwide.