Autel Scanner MaxiCheck MX808S, Android 11, 2023 US Ver of MaxiCOM MK808S


Why is Autel MX808S the First Choice of Millions of Car Repair Shops, Workshops, and Mechanics?

Newly Add Bi-Directional Control (Active Tests): Perform same as MP808S/ MS906 Pro series: Full control over various car components, parts to perform active tests like EVAP test, fuel injector balance, injector tests, cycling ABS motor pump, A/C Clutch Switch On/Off, cooling fan test, Interior light, Sound Horn, ACM Solenoid, Brake Vacuum, Door, Acceleration Device, Inlet & Outlet Valve, Wheel Speed Sensor, window, mirrors etc.
5X Faster Hardware for Boosted Performance: A rugged 7”inch touchscreen scan tablet which can take the rigors of any small shop or enthusiast around the garage; Flagship Android 11 & ROCKCHIP RK3566 CPU for fast operation and multitasking; larger 4+64GB for easier data saving and running; 5G & 2.4 GHz Dual Wi-Fi. Autel MX808S is the only one among Autel family 808 series diagnostic scanners that has both online and offline after-sales service support)
Car Model Coverage Leads the World: Autel MX808S having exclusive vehicle database accumulated by thousands of Autel engineers, coverage 150+ brands across 99% US domestic, Asin, and EU vehicles. Whether it’s a new car until 2023/2024 or any older cars (especially 2007+) will be awesome with MX808S. Besides, MX808s supports 2018+ FCA SGW (Exclusive features of Autel, other brands such as X~~L D7/D8 can not support) for Fiat/Chrysler/Dodge, 2015+ Renault SGW to act active/ system diagnostics etc.
More Frequent Renewals: MX808S are fully supported and updated quickly, leading the overall lead by more than 1 year. Autel is the fastest new car to support 2023 or even 2024 (such as Toyota). Autel has a high frequency of updates, with new cars/features released every month and major versions released every quarter. However, competitors have no software maintenance for a long time, MX808S comes with 1-Year Updates. You can directly click the “update” on the tablet to update through Wi-Fi, so you can say goodbye to the update method of downloading software on the computer.
28+ Service Functions: Autel MX808 widely integrates Reset, Relearn, Matching, and Adaptation for daily auto maintenance repair. Including most popular Auto Bleed, Oil Reset, Injector Coding, EPB, etc. Save a hundred bucks and time for home mechanician / DIYer.
In-Depth All Systems Diagnostics: Autel MX808S scanner can scan all available systems to read and clear codes, show Live Data, check ECU information, Live Data in Text, Waveform Graph, and Digital Gauge.
Autel Cloud Service: Support instant sharing of reports through QR codes, text messages, and emails, rather than just email.