Power 3000 Watt 24V Pure Sine Inverter Charger

  • POWERFUL: 3000W continuous, 9000W surge for 20 seconds, 24VDC, 25 amps, 120VAC pure sine clean power, low frequency, auto transfer switch and 40A smart battery charger for 8 different battery technologies including lithium.
  • PROTECTIONS: Overload, over temp, high voltage, low voltage, short circuit, internally fused, low and high voltage alarm, cooling fan, and isolated ground neutral.
  • FEATURES: GFCI outlet, AC direct connect terminal block, charge current control dial, dip switches to set priorities, auto gen start, conformal coated, power save mode and battery temp sensor. Only one set of cables needed. Optional remote available.
  • APPLICATIONS: Ideal for large applications going back and forth from shore/generator and inverter power automatically. Homes, boats, RVs, solar, mobile business & work trucks. 24 Volt more efficient and can use smaller cables. Offgrid & back-up power.
  • TRUST AIMS: Buy with confidence. In business for over 20 years. All tech and warranty support in Nevada.
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Size : 3000 Watt Single Phase

Technical Details